Just Like a First Date

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The Real Me Maria Herz CD Cover

Well, this post today reminds me of one of those “first date” kind of moments.  We’ve all been there, looking through our closet and figuring out what to wear, and after we do that, we have to match our makeup and lipstick, get our hair done and then the hardest part for me…what shoes do I wear??  And if all that stress isn’t enough, you still have to go out and sit through all the Q & A and figure out what the person sitting across the candlelit table and glass of wine is all about. We have to dig in and find out what is below the surface and understand who they really are.

The good news is, we don’t have to worry about the clothes or shoes, what wine to order or even what kind of food we both like (I’ll post about my favorite foods soon).  We can use our imagination for all that, while I tell you about myself today and bit more of who I am and how I go about making songs.

When I start creating a new song, I always try to think about what I’ve been through; whether it be friendships, love or family situations.  Sometimes we hear a touching story from a relative or friend, or even hear about an event on the news, and it strikes a chord inside us and we fell like shouting our beliefs and feelings about it from the rooftops. No matter what the subject matter is, music is like a canvas that shows the world who we are.

Like many of you, we all have dreams about what we want to accomplish and set out to do in life, but for me, I just want people to see who I really am, and love me for what I have to offer on the inside.  We all talk about it, but in this fast paced crazy world, we sometimes overlook the inner beauty of the people around us.

My best friend Bonnie and I had some deep discussions about this very subject several years ago. She had a son named Barrett, a very sweet young man and we would all talk late into the night together about how we wished the world could see “The Real Me” in all of us.

Barrett had a way with words and one day he presented me with a very touching poem he wrote that really spoke about how he felt regarding  himself and his hopes that the world could see him for who he was inside.

It was not long after I read his poem that I received word that Barrett had passed away.  I can’t begin to tell you the feeling of devastating loss that cut through me.  It was like a part of me died too and I miss him to this very day. Unfortunately many of us show the world a happy face, but just like the amazing composer  Paul McCartney said about Elanor Rigby, she wears a face that she keeps in a jar by the door. All to often, that face is not the real us.

Barrett and I are no different, I’m sure many of you can relate.  Our beautiful planet is not always the friendliest place to navigate.  He and I share a lot of the same beliefs and one thing we have in common is, we both want the world to see who we really are.

I took Barretts poem, added my own life’s experiences to it, and turned it into a song I want to share with all of you, so you can see “THE REAL ME”.  Just like going on that first date, as we get to know each other and you get familiar with my music, this is my way of sharing with you a little more about what drives me and makes me tick.  I really hope you enjoy “THE REAL ME”.

This song  is not currently available for sale by itself but as a THANK YOU for being one of my subscribers I want to give it
to you for free – no strings attached.

You can Download “THE REAL ME” right here.

I want to know more about all of you too, so please after listening to “The Real Me”, or any of my music, feel free to write a comment or drop me an email on the contact page. I will write back to you and look forward to hearing from you.

If you like this song  you might also consider checking out “Let’s Get it Started”. It’s my latest single that will be released Summer 2018. It’s got a great Latin Dance Beat that will make you want to get up  and sizzle on the dance floor!! ?

Talk soon,



  • Harold hiromu Fujihara says:

    Dreams do come true our first romantic candlelight dinner getting to know each other but I want us to meet each other and make a commitment to a long term serious relationship that leads into marriage but I want us to live together before we get married and go on a romantic cruise ship for our honeymoon hugs and kisses sincerely yours Harold

  • David Sandoval says:

    Nice song thanks for sharing. The main reason I like the hard rock is i can sit in silence and they can do the screaming for me.My favorite song is Killswitch Engage Element of one. But i do like to mix things up so your music fits right in.

    • Maria Herz says:

      Hi David, Well thank you for explaining. I was in an 80’s Hard Rock band for a while called “Glam”. Hard rock isn’t my cup of tea, but I do appreciate the musicianship. Hard rock has some very talented guitar work and usually catchy lyrics and good harmony, even if they scream. Hope you like the Music and you can stay a fan of mine.


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