Silent Night, Lonely Nights

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“Silent Night, Lonely Nights” 
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“The Most refreshing new Christmas Song in Years”.

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Silky Smooth Vocals, a cool jazz vibe and gorgeous sax solo will make this duet a must have for your annual Holiday Music Collection!

The Widows Peak Bandit said -“To call the song beautiful is an understatement bigger than the Christmas tree in Rockefeller. In all honesty, musicians don’t make Christmas tunes that are this quality nowadays.”
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THE BAND CAMP DIARIES WROTE “Maria Herz and Ron Starr have struck gold on this amazing duet, and their styles are very compatible, making for a really superior listening experience on every level.”
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Warlock Asylum INTL commented – “If music is the way of brightening up your holiday, then put Silent Night, Lonely Nights as the star on top of your Christmas tree.”
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Rebecca Cullen of Stereo Stickman wrote – “I was reminded a little of Baby, It’s Cold Outside – the seasonal energy is strong, but there’s also a dash of drama in the back and forth; the two voices compliment one another beautifully. “
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As one reviewer from the Illinois Entertainer magazine in Chicago put it: “The most refreshing original Christmas duet in years, “Silent Night, Lonely Nights” sung by Maria Herz and Ron Starr is a “New Classic” combining the essence of Michael Buble with the sweetness of Celine Dion backed with a jazzy vibe reminiscent of Sinatra and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra.

A gorgeous sax solo and catchy lyrics will make this duet a must have for your annual Holiday music Collection. The beautiful saxophone solo is performed by Josh Beatty, while Ron and Maria are backed by the Chicago based band, “The Romantiques”, whom they regularly tour with…”

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