REBECCA CULLEN of Stereo Stickman says -“Maria Herz brings audiences a passionate fusion of world rhythms and classic pop. The thought and effort that has gone into this is clear, it’s far from a pop track thrown together just to gather an audience. The whole thing feels like an easy classic, an alternative pop offering that takes influence from the best corners of musical vibrancy.”
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THE BAND CAMP DIARIES WROTE -“A charming combination of pop energy and R&B melodies, with a penchant for great hooks and innovative songwriting ideas…”
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WPEX 90.9 FM DJ Allan Krusz – “Her Voice Takes me to another dimension, an immense talent…” Watch Video Highlights of full interview here

“Really Nice Song! The Mix-down and Mastering are Perfect and the Harmonies are Really Good…”
– Luke Haas (DJ Mag Asean Music Blog)

“Maria Herz is a Creative Artist with an Expressive Voice…”
– Keep Walking Music Blog

“Production Well Done, A Fine Performance…”
– Fashionably Early Indie Music Blog

“This song is great! Beautiful voice and Lyrics that really tell a story”
– Kim Jones (Lyric Opera of Chicago)

“Maria Herz’s music combines the rhythms of artists like Gloria Estefan with a texture and sound that you might expect to find in the soundtrack of your favorite Robert Rodriguez film.”
– John Oszajca (alt country artist)

“Maria Herz serves up passionate pop music, her sweet voice makes you feel positive and dancy”
– Illinois Entertainer Magazine

“Cool Summer Track with Nice Vocals”
– Shareriff Indie Music Blog

“This is a fun catchy song”
– Suzan Koc (founder of Songwriters Rendevous)