My First Radio Interview

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Hi Everyone, I’m bursting with excitement this week as my new producer helped me achieve another dream come true. About 2 weeks ago, Ron introduced me to Allan Krusz of WPEX 90.9FM Radio in Virginia. After meeting Allan, he has been featuring my songs on 4 different online radio stations, and decided he wanted to meet […]

My Newest Single is Now on the Radio

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I’m so Excited to tell you all that my newest song, “Let’s Get it Started” will be featured on the Allan Krusz Show THIS SUNDAY June 24th at 7PM on WPEX, you can hear the simulcast online by clicking HERE: TATER PATCH RADIO See the image below for details of when and where you can […]

Choreagraphy Rehearsal

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Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my excitement with you all about yesterdays dance rehearsal.  Me and my band, “The Romantiques” will be performing 2 shows this weekend, Friday at the Blue Chip Casino and Saturday at the Woodridge Jubilee at 5pm.  At the Jubilee we will be performing my new single, “Let’s Get it […]

“Let’s Get it Started” RELEASED TODAY

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Hello again everyone, I hope your all enjoying the summer heat. And speaking of summer heat, my newest song “Let’s get it Started” is ON SALE NOW!!  For less than a cup of coffee (just $1.00) you can download my newest release.  Your support means the world to me,  So Please ORDER NOW by CLICKING HERE. […]

Welcome to My New Website

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Thank you so much for visiting! I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to, my new online home, and the only official place to get news on what I’m up to in life and music, where I’m performing, the latest pictures I want to share with you, my band  and of course, […]

My Band “The Romantiques”

Proud Mary Maria Herz

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What a beautiful Spring day in Chicago! I just love this time of year….the birds are singing, the sun is up bright and early, the smell of fresh flowers blooming and the weather is heating up to summer fest season. All that goodness reminds me of one of the best things in my life….Live Performances […]

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