On Tour in Texas

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Hi, how are you!! I am so excited about this and couldn’t wait to tell you about a recent and  amazing opportunity I had.  I know that all of us have hopes and dreams in life that we want to reach out for and achieve, a part of life I truly try to reflect in my music.  Well, the chance to realize one of my dreams, to go on tour and perform on a big concert stage, finally came knocking so I couldn’t pass it up. My new manager contacted me and told me that a Chicago based and very professional touring band, “Deja Vu”  were in need of a keyboard player for an upcoming tour in Texas. Well, thank heaven’s I took piano lessons (big smile) and was available. I only had a short time to learn all the material, but it was worth it. I was given the red carpet treatment, flights, limos, great hotel room, performing at the Fort Worth Convention Center, beautiful stage, top notch sound, lights, video crew…it was everything I imagined it could be and more.  Their crew  captured almost  every moment on film, so I  put together a short video to share my dream with you.   I hope you have as much fun watching it as I did performing.

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