My Band “The Romantiques”

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What a beautiful Spring day in Chicago! I just love this time of year….the birds are singing, the sun is up bright and early, the smell of fresh flowers blooming and the weather is heating up to summer fest season. All that goodness reminds me of one of the best things in my life….Live Performances with my band, “The Romantiques”

It’s one thing to create new music and spend a lot of hours with talented people collaborating, writing and singing in a studio booth and adding paint to the canvas to make a unique piece of art to share with the world, but the biggest thrill for me is to be up on stage performing in front of real folks like you.

For me it’s an all day affair as I take it very seriously…and it’s a great excuse to get to the beauty parlor to get my hair, make up and nails done (sometimes pedicure too)…lol, then run to Akira and find the best dress in the store,  C’mon ladies who wouldn’t be up for this!!

Well, in the summer of 2017 I had the dream of a lifetime come true.   My new producer and I have been performing together as a pop acoustic duo.  He kept his promise and put together an amazing band for us to perform live with. We started out performing modern Top 40 dance covers mixed with classic rock and sing-alongs and are now  including our own  original material as well.   So without further adieu, I would love for all of you to check out my band, “The Romantiques”.   Another bucket list item for me was to be the headliner on the main stage at a local  casino, or in Vegas…well, I can now tick that one off the list too…as we regularly headline the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City Indiana.

I have included  some of the pictures from our recent live performances below. I also embedded  a link to our promotional video at the top of this post where you can get a flavor of how we Look and sound and what kind of songs I perform live….we are an exciting bunch!!

If you would like to see where I am performing next, you can check my “On Tour” page here at or you can visit the bands own Facebook page by clicking THE ROMANTIQUES and then “Events” to see where we are performing next.

Feel free to write back with comments on what you think, or song suggestions….I would love to hear from you all.


Talk to you soon….

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